Admissions Appeals

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This complete package ensures that academies can be confident that admissions appeals are prepared and presented in accordance with the School Admissions Appeals Code 2012 and the School Admissions Code 2014.

It also ensures that your admissions appeals process is lawful and complies with best practice as far as possible, which is reassuring at times of challenge from parents and third parties. This allows the local authority to work more collaboratively with own admission authority schools and academies, pre-empting possible issues and challenges, whist providing you with all of the information, advice and support you should need to fulfil your admission appeals responsibility. This service removes the burden of preparing and presenting admission appeals throughout the year. Prior to purchasing this package contact us to discuss your requirements - 01452 426052.


1. Our team review the Appeal Case and make any possible pre appeal decisions 

We will review every appeal case, follow protocol to see if the case is permitted to be allocated a place prior to an appeal under our Exceeding PAN Protocol – commonly known as a “pre appeal decision”. 

2. Our team visit, discuss demands on the school and produce a detailed appeal statement  

We will visit the Academy/School and produce a detailed admission appeal statement of the case. The statement includes the detail required under the Admission Appeals Code 2012.   

3. Preparation and Administration of Appeal Process  

We will prepare additional information specific to the child including provision of measurements, maps and details of nearest available schools for the child in order to make a robust case. 

We will also send all appropriate paperwork to parents and panel members prior to the hearing.  We will advise the school of the details of the hearing and of the outcome of the appeal.  We will maintain a computer record of all pertinent appeal details. 

4. Presenting Officer to present Academy/School’s case at appeal hearing 

Experienced GCC Lead Appeal Officer with extensive admissions and appeals knowledge will present the case on behalf of the Academy/School and answer questions from panel members and families relating to the Academy/School.   

What are the implications of not buying this service? 


The consequences of not buying this service will result in the school Governing Body being responsible for reviewing, preparing and presenting school admission appeals within the compulsory timescales.

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