Advisory Teaching Service

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Professional specialist teaching support service for children and young people, families, schools, communities and other settings.

 Gloucestershire’s Advisory Teaching Service provides specialist teaching and tutoring for children with SEND. The focus of our work is to:
• Enable children and young people’s to progress, be socially included and be emotionally resilient
• Increase the capacity of schools and other settings to educate, support and nurture all children, particularly the most vulnerable or those with specific SEND needs
• Increase access to the curriculum for SEND children and ensure their successful engagement with their educational setting
• Support parents/carers so they are able to meet their children’s SEND needs
• Support partner professionals in their work with children, young people and families

• Close links with the Local Authority Education, Social Care and Health agencies and universities.
• Part of Gloucestershire graduated pathway with knowledge of current local and national legislation with close links with the Educational Psychology Service
• Provision of bespoke evidence-based interventions that match need (individual, small group and/or whole school) including direct teaching support.
• Training and support to build capacity within schools – including whole school development work.
• Access to highly qualified specialist teachers with up to date specialist expertise
The Advisory Teaching Service is now providing specialist
teaching support packages for both primary and secondary schools. Specialist Teachers can work in schools for a purchased amount of time (3 - 30 hours). They can work directly with individual/groups of children or alternatively train/co-work with staff to achieve agreed outcomes. The Advisory Teacher’s input will be pre-planned with
the school as part of the package.

The Specialist Teacher Support enhances the core ATS support offer available to schools for individual children with SEND. For example, facilitating a weekly social communication skills group, co-working with SENCOs to develop SEND packages of support, training staff in approaches to increase achievement in literacy levels, intensive multi-layered support to settled children at risk of exclusion.

Specialist Teacher Support could:

  • Provide direct teaching or interventions for children not progressing well in school in afocused area – e.g. literacy, social emotional resilience, learning
  • Provide assessment expertise into projects designed to help children with SEND needs to achieve defined outcomes e.g. raise their reading levels
  • Assist SENCOs with the analysis and preparation of attainment/progress data for children with SEND.
  • Assist with choosing appropriate interventions and assessments for SEND children in the school.
  • Support with the evaluation of their impact.
  • Offer training in or modelling of the delivery of assessments and interventions.
  • Support staff with assessment and planning for inclusive teaching and learning.

To talk to us about the Advisory Teaching Service:
Phone:01452 426955


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