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Daily Update - 12th May

Good Evening,

Please find attached the latest COVID briefing. As you might imagine this is focussed on the government announcements on Sunday and this week.  We have identified the key guidance documents and highlighted some of the key messages.  We have already received a number of queries related to the announcement.  We are compiling these and will publish FAQs shortly and of course there are some areas where we are waiting further guidance.

One query that has arisen repeatedly is whether schools are expected to be open during the May half-term.  We have raised this with the DfE and await formal confirmation. At this stage it is best to assume that schools will need to operate in the same was as they did over the Easter holidays and remain open to parents of key workers and vulnerable children that would like a school place. 

As ever, if you have any questions please contact - COVIDSchoolenquiries@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Kind regards

Charlotte Jones

Acting Director of Education

Gloucestershire County Council

Block 1, 3rd Floor

Shire Hall, Gloucester, GL1 2TG.

12 May 2020

Education Team
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