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Payroll, Terms and Conditions - Online Payslips
Are you signed up for online payslips yet?
Did you know you can access your payslip online as part of GCC’s digital payroll service for schools?

Over 5,700 members of staff from 157 schools are already successfully accessing the benefits of online payslips. They can access payslips online via P.C’s, mobile and tablet devices - 24/7.

The charges for payroll services for the financial year 2018-19 are now available to view via the GCC plus website where you will be able to compare the cost of digital versus paper services.

In short, those schools which predominantly use e forms and online payslips will enjoy a discount of 46p per payslip, for every payslip, for every month. It quickly mounts up to a worthwhile saving.

The removal of many paper records, in and around school also assists in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations:-

"Online Payslips...Fast, effective and SECURE! With GDPR just around the corner, protecting an individual's personal information has never been more important, to prevent the risk of sensitive/ personal information falling into the wrong hands, we would advise your school to switch to our online payslip service"